+ Speed Test service is used for accurate measuring of your Internet connection as well as the MPLS speed

+ Ensure that your computer, smart phone, or tablet is connected to the network either via a cable or through the WiFi. Then, press the "Start" to start the speed test.

+If you are connected from an organization that is a member in OMREN then:-

+ A note will be provided with an expected speed

+ If your device is connected through a cable, the service will test the speed of your connection to OMREN research and education reliable and secure dedicate network.

+ If your device is connected through WiFi, the service will test the speed of your connection to the Internet.

About the service

The following parameters are measured when the test is running:

PING - The network delays in milliseconds (ms) when the data is sending between your computer and the external server. In other words, how quickly you receive a response when a request is made. Lower ping number indicates faster connection. Ping is important during real-time application use like video streaming, online calls, or online gaming.

Jitter - Jitter is the variation between response times. Good connections have a reliable and consistent response time. Higher jitter score, indicates less consistency in connection response times.

DOWNLOAD - Download shows the download speed of data to your device, expressed in megabits per second (Mbps). A higher value is better because a faster download means less waiting time for loading a web page.

UPLOAD - Upload shows how fast you can upload data to the internet with your connection. As with download, a higher number is better. A quick upload is important for online learning or for streaming.